Top Tips For Toilet Training Your Cat

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Cats are incredibly intelligent creatures. They know when they are being naughty, and they certainly know when they are well-behaved. Your kitty has a clever brain ticking away in that cute, furry head. So, don’t underestimate them. Your cat can be toilet or litter trained with minimum fuss. In fact, it’s said that it is much easier to toilet train the feline species than it is to train a dog.

We’re all “team cat” here and we want to make sure that our kitty is in the best possible health. We want to keep them engaged, active and social. So, if you want to do right by your kitty cat, it’s time to train them how to use their litter box.

Cats are fastidious cleaners; they don’t like mess or dirt. Training them how to use the toilet or litter tray effectively will tie in with their grooming needs.

So, how can you effectively train your cat to use the litter tray? Here are some top tips that you can use.

Tip 1: Find a Private Spot for Your Litter Tray

Cats are funny animals. They are intensely private when it comes to making their business. So, if you are keen to make sure that your kitty is using the litter tray, you need to ensure that you have the right spot in your home. Never put their litter tray too close to their food. This is seriously off-putting for your feline. Make sure that they have a secluded spot to make their business.

Many people put their litter boxes in the bathroom. Cats often emulate those that are closest to them. If you want to make sure that the kitty litter tray is being used, place it next to the human toilet and always leave the bathroom door open.

cat training

Tip 2: Transition Your Cat (You Will Need to Pick Them Up)

If your cat is a predominantly outdoors cat, you will need to encourage them to use the litter box. Make sure that you pick them ‘mid act’ when they are using any other toilet but their own. Move them to the litter tray and ensure that they stay on it. Once they have used the litter tray, fuss them, stroke them and praise them. Your cat will see this is a good thing and use the litter tray more regularly. You may have to encourage them to do this for around three weeks.

But, once they have got to grips with the box, they will be on their way to using it full-time. It’s easier to litter train a cat than it is a toddler!

Tip 3: Invest in the Right Litter

Litter trays are important. It’s vital that you source a good automatic cat litter box that works. That way, you don’t have to worry about scooping that poop. Always choose unscented litter for your litter tray. Strong scents can be a big turn-off for cats.

It’s also important to consider your cats age too. If they are older and they have health problems, opt for a soft litter. Hard grit will deter them from using the box. For younger cats, hard grit is more than adequate.

Your cat is a beautiful, intelligent creature. Now, they’re a clean animal too!

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