Turn Your Living Room into a Cat Playhouse

(Guest Blogger: Melissa Stevens)

Only a cat person knows how deep an impact in a person’s life living with these cuddly and playful animals can be. Sneaking around the house, stalking imaginary prey, playing around with your shoes and hurdling chairs – that is the daily routine of a domestic cat. So what if you could turn your living room into a playroom for your cats? You’d enable them to roam around freely and safely.

Here are several useful tips on how to transform your living room into a cat’s playground.

Start with the walls. Arrange your bookshelves in a way that helps the cat walk around or on them. You can put them close to each other, and add levels, height, and shapes. This will have the cat climbing its way to the top in no time! One simple way to do this is to thrift around for a cheap bookshelf, and carve out varying holes in the shelves. Of course, keep your books out of the combination lest you’re really into ripped spines.

Next, focus on the floor. You can make a lot of custom items which will be interesting to your cat; from custom-made beds, to custom-made scratchers. With just 2 hangers and a t-shirt, you can make a tent for your shy cat to sleep in. Perhaps you can just attach a small carpet sample to a wooden frame – the basic, yet perfect scratching post for all the feline artists.

As for more practical toys, take an empty tissue box and fill it with empty toilet paper rolls. No cat can ignore the call of a new, unfamiliar toy, nor the opportunity to stick its claws into the unknown.

As opposed to pretty much any other type of pet, cats are very neat animals. They provide their very own bath time, and the only thing you as the owner need to maintain, hygienically speaking, is a clean cat litter every other day. For a more au naturel approach to cat litters, take a shallow wooden box – or for a less permanent version, a box lid, and place a patch of grass to fit in snuggly. Voila! You now have a natural retreat! You can place the small box somewhere on the floor see your cat relaxing in it every now and then. Just remember to replace the grass when it becomes yellow and dry, or if it has been used as a litter, and heavily at that. The odds are the cat will simply find this a wonderful spot to relax in.

How about you take your living room cat house project, and spread it into the kitchen? Gonne are the days when cats would have to scavenge for each meal! No, today, each kitty has a particular taste in food. You can make a food container for your cat by using some old ice-cream containers, and color-coding an assorted mix of dry cat food. This will lead your cat to believe that it has been served not just food, but a huge feast of various delicacies!

Engage your imagination in a way that will engage your cat. When creating toys and furniture for your feline, you are not only showering it with presents, but you are also developing your own creativity. And what better way to spend a rainy weekend than redecorating your living room, with and for your cat! 

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